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Coffee Capsules

Coffee Capsules applications

BENVIC’s extensive biopolymer compounding has succeeded in meeting all these requirements; providing a dedicated range of PLANTURA® based on various bio polymers such as PLA, PBS and PBAT.
The needs of the Coffee Pod sector are exceeded – with specific care taken to optimize the manufacturing process and lower the total cost. A proven range from BENVIC is now available with the following features PLANTURA® propostion:
ic coffee caps1 Industrial compostable.
ic coffee caps1 Biobased solution.
ic coffee caps1 Range for injection moulding and thermoforming.
ic coffee caps1 Designed for multilayer process, integrating oxygen and water barrier.
ic coffee caps1 THF free content and low emission properties for a safe solution.
ic coffee caps1 Parametric flow behaviour for optimizing injection cycle time.

Coffee Capsules applications



TDS(Technical Data Sheet), MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), Declaration of conformity and Certification of PLANTURA® products

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