Why Plantura?



Environmental friendly materials and technologies have been promoted by government regulations and have met consumers’ preferences, also because of cost savings that come from using such materials and technologies.
After years of research, bio-based plastics are closer than ever to match, or perhaps even surpassing, performance and costs parameters of conventional plastics. Most car manufacturers are committed to offering affordable and environmental friendly vehicles to their customers.
Their goal is to provide solutions that can be applied to millions of cars, rather than to only few hundreds or thousands of vehicles.

Plantura products are the practical answer to all these questions.
A family of durable, high-performance compounds has been developed and successfully tested for automotive and, more generally, transportation applications.

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As the demand for coffee capsules continues to grow by more than 10% every year, the volume of aluminum waste is now nearly 300,000 tons. Such volumes increase CO2 emissions and create serious problems to industrial waste treatment and composting facilities.

Plantura is the best industrial solution to solve the problem of aluminum coffee capsules.
The results of a collaboration with ATI is a new coffee capsule, which has the following features:

  1. It has an Oxygen Barrier;
  2. It is made of biopolymer (from renewable sources);
  3. It is compostable;
  4. It is bio degradable;
  5. It is colourable.

Plantura products for capsules production are certified by Vincotte, with 4 stars (from renewable sources), and conform to norm UN 13432.

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We were excited to come across the use of such compounds for the production of indoor furniture.

French furniture company Alki introduced the world’s first bioplastic seating option, called the Kuskoa Bi Chair. “What does this mean?” you may ask. The design shell was molded using a Plantura compound, which was specifically developed for the project using a proprietary blend of renewable, plant-based sources, like sugar cane and beets.

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electrical appliances

Most household appliances are made of thermoplastic resins, like Abs Polycarbonate, Pet and Polypropylen and require high gloss thermostability and stiffness.

Plantura products, specifically designed for such applications, are durable, have high colorability, and perform well on existing molds for styrenics.

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Research has shown that Plantura products can be used to manufacture safe and lowcost toys. Talking in account that these are objects in contact with children’s skin and mouth, toys must not contain substances that may be harmful to humans or the environment.
Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions and produce children’s toys based on Plantura polymer, using a minimum of 90% of renewable sources.

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PLA is the ideal thermoplastic material for 3D printing. His capacity to keep the right shape and adhesion between layers allow a high quality modelling vs. different traditional polymers. Plantura offers a broad palette of PLAs suitable for 3D printing with different appearence and performances, including the possibility to make prototypes of your compostable packaging/good to be tested in a cheap way.
Plantura can supply material to 3D filament producer or the finished roll of 3D filament directly.

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