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Textile talks @Fablab in Venice

Published on: 06 May 2019

Dialogues and experimentations between textiles and digital manufacturing, from May 9 to June 7.

3D printing and thermoplastics: examples, experiences, considerations, and opportunities for 3D printing on fabric. Exemplification of 3d prints on fabric. The following spoke: Vittorio Bortolon, Plantura Italia managing director.

Eight events to talk about creative contaminations between fabric and new manufacturing. Eight meetings organized at Fablab Venezia, to explore new production models and design of the textile project with words but also, and above all, with practical experiences. Digital manufacturing in recent years has helped to outline new scenarios for the manufacturing sector, but the potential of new numerical control machinery suggests horizons and design possibilities also for the world of design and creativity. Even the textile sector is starting to feed on these new trends and possibilities, which show interesting creative horizons but still almost entirely to explore. The purpose of these meetings is two fold: on the one hand to offer an insight into the possibilities offered by the dialogue between fabric and digital technologies, with examples, references, suggestions; on the other to propose a moment of exchange and comparison between the future actors of this innovation: local companies, students and those who already master the knowledge necessary to make new designs and innovative processes possible. The project includes six meetings in the form of a lesson with a workshop or a comparison; the path will open with an open day for the presentation of the project and the local and international experiences conducted on the topic and will conclude with another day open to exhibit the results of the meetings and proposals on how to follow up the issues addressed. The six talks provide, each, the intervention of a different guest, a personality of the creative or productive world, who will hold a small lesson on one of the identified themes; to follow, a moment of debate or practical experimentation.

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