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This page describes how the site is managed with regard to the processing of personal data of users who consult it.
INFORMATION pursuant to art. 13 of the EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) on the protection of personal data.

Owner of the data processing

Benvic Srl

Address: 44122 Ferrara / Italy Via G. Marconi 73

Phone: +39 0532 1910301

Following the discipline dictated by EU Regulation 2016/679 "European Regulation on Personal Data Protection" (hereinafter "GDPR"), Benvic Srl as "Owner" of the processing of personal data informs that such treatment will be guaranteed in accordance with the principle of lawfulness, fairness, transparency, necessity and minimization by protecting the privacy and rights of those concerned.

Data that are collected

In this website there is a form to allow the user to send a Request for Technical Documentation. The data that are collected through it are: Name, Surname, Company, State, Email, Consent to the processing of personal data.
Log files are also collected in the manner and for the reasons described in the section Log Files and Legitimate Interest. (Log files are intended as chronological and sequential records of access to the server that hosts this website).
If the user uses the email on the site to send communications and / or requests, the user's email address and any data contained therein will be used exclusively for the purpose of responding to them and will not in any way transferred, communicated or disseminated to third parties.

Statistical analysis - Google Analytics

In this website we use the service "Google Analytics" for statistical purposes. 
In order to NOT associate the data collected with individual users, IP anonymization is active (setting the last octet to zero and prohibiting the cross-referencing of data with other services); more details on this page.
In this way, data collection is limited to statistical purposes useful to give information in aggregate form (anonymous) on how visitors use the website.
To prevent the collection and use of data by Google Analytics, Google has made available a browser extension that allows you to disable it.

Purpose of processing - Why are they processed

The data received will be processed in order to:
A) give feedback to any requests and/or communications; 
B) conclude contracts for services offered by the Owner (for example, assistance or consulting activities);
C) fulfill obligations under the law, EU legislation or an order of the Authority; 
D) fulfill pre-contractual, contractual, accounting and tax obligations if the need arises;
E) to exercise the rights of the Owner (for example, the right of defence in court).
Log files are collected and stored for security purposes (Art. 6(1)(f) and C47-49-50 of the GDPR), see next paragraph.

Log Files and Legitimate Interest

In some cases, processing is based on legitimizing assumptions other than consent and overriding the rights of the data subject.
In this context, the collection and storage for a short period of time of log files are considered.
These files are very important for the security of the site and the server, the safeguard and protection of data, the defence against computer threats (viruses, malware, etc.), the detection of hardware or software anomalies and are therefore fundamental for the continuity of the service.
These particular files contain information that could identify the user (e.g. IP address), but their use is exclusively limited to the purposes and legitimate interests listed below:
- protecting the site, server and network from activities that are harmful to their integrity or to the safety of others (e.g., "service blocking" or DOS, DDOS attacks);
- protect and safeguard the integrity of data (Data Protection);
- prevent fraud and/or detect suspicious or harmful activities (e.g. Spam);
- investigate breaches or report illegal conduct.

How data are collected

The data provided by the user are collected exclusively for his free choice with the compilation of the Technical Documentation Request form or through the contact email on the site.
The treatment of the data is subordinate to the conferment and the collection of the consent that, after the reading of the present informative, is lent by means of the flags of the boxes purposely predisposed on the form of this Internet site.
Log files are automatically collected by the server on which the website is hosted.

With whom they are shared

Personal data, collected for the purposes indicated above in points A and B, will not be subject to communication/dissemination.
The data collected for the purposes of points C, D, E may be shared with third parties.

With whom they are shared

Personal data, collected for the purposes indicated above in points A and B, will not be subject to communication/dissemination.
The data collected for the purposes at points C, D, E may be shared with subjects in charge of the respective fulfilments (studies or tax consultants, lawyers, etc.). A complete list may be requested from the Data Controller at any time.

Where they are stored

The data provided by the user are stored at the headquarters on magnetic media or computer or in paper form. Backup copies may be kept for redundancy and security reasons in other places or online storage systems (Cloud storage).
Log files are kept on the server that hosts the website and in backup copies of the same.

How long they are kept

Data collected for Contractual Purposes is retained for the entire duration of the contract and for 10 years after the conclusion of the contract, except in cases where retention for a later period is required for litigation, requests by competent authorities or pursuant to applicable law;
the data collected for the Purposes of Law are kept for a period equal to the duration prescribed for each type of data by law; the data collected for Marketing Purposes are kept for a period equal to the duration of the relationship, as well as for 24 months after the conclusion of the same;
the log files collected in the manner and for the purposes indicated above, are stored on the server that hosts the website and periodically deleted by automated procedures every 30 days.

How they are kept safe

For the management of data and log files, specific and adequate security measures have been adopted, of an organizational and technical-informatics nature, prescribed by articles 24 and following of the GDPR, aimed at guaranteeing secure access and protecting the information from the risk of loss or destruction, even accidental.
These measures include, but are not limited to, updates of operating systems, the adoption of complex passwords and their periodic renewal, the adoption of updated antivirus, the use of firewalls, specific policies for the safekeeping of backup copies and for the restoration of the availability of data and systems and any other software or hardware tools necessary for the purpose.
In the adoption of these measures Benvic Srl may use external services chosen independently because of high standards of quality and reliability.

Verification of data and the right to be forgotten

At any time the user, as an interested party, may make a request for verification of personal data provided as well as the exercise of all rights under applicable law (with particular reference to the right of access, rectification, cancellation, limitation and blocking of processing) at the email address: -----. The user may, if he/she deems it necessary, lodge a complaint with the Privacy Guarantor Authority.
It is also specified that it will not be possible to delete the data in cases where the law or a regulation requires its preservation and that, if after the elimination may arise problems of a technical or computer related to the integrity of eg. database, the data will be anonymized so as to make them unavailable to the owner.

Use of Cookies

The user who visits the site will see minimal amounts of information inserted into the devices in use in small text files called "Cookies" saved by the web browser used for navigation. All information on the management of cookies is better described in the page dedicated to them: Cookie Policy

Links to external sites

The validity of the information does not extend to any other external websites consulted by the user through links on the site. Browsing such sites is done by free choice of the user and Benvic Srl is not in any way responsible for the obligations of other owners / operators of such sites / web portals, with regard to the content of these sites or the adoption of appropriate measures to protect personal data provided therein or in terms of management of Cookies.

BENVIC SRL 44122 Ferrara / Italy Via G. Marconi 73 P.IVA 01445000381 TEL +39 0532 1910301